Better Bio Stainless Steel Cleaner


Breaks Down Unwanted Residue

  • Excellent kitchen degreaser
  • Great for keeping your barbecue grill in top shape
  • Cuts through grease inside or outside your stainless steel stove hood
  • Even safe on stone counter tops like polished marble and granite
  • Has zero VOCs so it’s safe for people with allergies & chemical sensitivities


Our professional customers appreciate that our cleaners work extremely well on their toughest jobs, such as removing calcium, without the need for protective gear, and without concern over damaging delicate surfaces. Unlike other cleaners and degreasers that allow residue and oils to redeposit on the stone, tile, or grout surface. Better Bio’s Steel Clean breaks down unwanted residue and oils and then puts them in a colloidal solution for safe and efficient removal. This product is a safe, deep penetrating, bio-based liquid.